Total Logistics Executive Ryde Limited

We are pleased to introduce our esteemed company Total Logistics Executive Ryde ltd to you. She is a company created to enhance and develop every sector in which it cuts across in customized manner irrespective of the customer. We are a CAC certified business venture aimed at reducing the ailing pollution of unemployed and also delivering satisfactory services to our esteemed clients.

As professionals in our various trades and fields we are dedicated to delivering the best quality service as far as it has to with logistics in totality, to meet the present technological standard. To achieve this, we have equipped ourselves with the latest and most up-to-date equipment's and machines to given our expected results which is satisfaction and smiles on the face of our customers.

The company has dedicated management board that cut across strategic fields in the economy and has also surrounded her-self with a formidable staff strength which are highly dedicated and efficient.

In view of the above we here by solicit for business openings and transaction between you and us and order that we render the services at which we are best known at, and also solve that problem for you.


Our team is comprised of dedicated and experienced Nigerian professionals, specialized in various strategic job titles to suit the needs of clients. We are organised for the purpose of engaging our work force to serving her clients efciently and effectively while upholding, excellence, dedication, honesty and credibility as the company cardinal principle for the protection of her overall cooperate objective.

The members at the hem of affairs of this growing conglomerate are seasoned professionals who distinguish themselves in various elds ranging from, tourism, economics, accounting, real estate management, indoor and outdoor sanitary maintenance, marketing and project management. It is a work team that continuously aims to achieve innovative and policy decision in guiding the management to meet the company's overall cooperate objective.